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Occupational Therapist (Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Hand Therapy Specialist)

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Occupational Therapy for Chronic Pain

World Occupational Therapy Day Presentation on 27th October, 2016, Thursday

India Theme: Accessibility@OT India

About Occupational Therapy

World Occupational Therapy Day Presentation on 27th October, 2017, Friday

World Theme: Inform, Inspire and Influence

World Occupational Therapy Day Presentation on 27th October, 2019, Sunday

World Theme: Improving World Health & Wellbeing

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As Occupational Therapists and Hand (Upper Limb) Therapists, we believe that a detailed awareness and education of the patient, about his/her health condition, is mandatory, after the initial thorough assessment of the patient, as a whole human being (and not just part of the body), from his/her physical, mental, social and environmental perspective. The formal treatment sessions may always begin after these initial vital steps of assessment and scientific education.

Timely treatment approaches if based on the principles of “Perfect Practice Makes Man Perfect”, “Prevention is Better than Cure”, "Haste is Waste", "Stitch in Time Saves Nine", "Rome was not Built in a Day", and “Do No HARM” helps the clients/patients to be in the right recovery path from the start of treatment sessions. Once the optimal assessment, scientific education and client-centered meaningful treatment plans are sorted right, everything is bound to flow in the correct order, towards the right path of recovery ahead. This strategy saves time, money, and energy/efforts of the patients, their care-givers, as well as the treating healthcare professionals (surgeons, physicians, therapists and others)!




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Virtual SHTICON’2021

8th Annual National Virtual Conference of Society for Hand Therapy, India in collaboration with 44th Annual National Virtual Conference of Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand will be held on 6th (Friday) & 7th (Saturday) August, 2021. Website Link for Therapists' Registration: Theme for Conference: Making Hand Therapy Viable. For Further Information Email: Detailed Brochure Available at: SHTICON'2021 eSouvenir available at: (Designed, Compiled and Edited by Punita V. Solanki)


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